The establishment of AOYE

Continue to explore and improve in the field of production

Our parent company, founded in 1997, started with hardware accessories, and then entered our downstream industry video cable data cable industry. With excellent reputation in the industry, our products are exported to Europe and the United States, and we have become a reliable supplier for many sellers.

Our exploration of genes has further led us to the home projector industry. Since 2015, when we were aware of this market demand, we have found that our experience in the AV industry can support us to establish production lines in the projector industry more smoothly and gain some cost advantages.

The Strategy Department decided to set up a subsidiary, AOYE, to specialize in the production of projectors, dedicated to providing a better life experience for families around the world in this industry.


Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is win-win cooperation.

As a factory, our greatest responsibility is to ensure the quality of our products, while optimizing the supply chain as much as possible to control costs.

As your business friends, we would like to give you market advice on the industry, and recommend the most suitable styles and cooperation methods according to your business stage.

I hope that we are not just a buyer and seller relationship, but a mutual growth and mutual support relationship.

Our Founder Jack Lee

From being a skilled worker in a workshop, to being the head of a production department, to setting up your own factory, to being exposed to international trade. Jack Lee has a rigorous approach to product development and production. His warm and welcoming personality has also made many foreign guests friends with him for more than a decade, even though their communication is only through the translation machine. Our guests have a very deep level of trust in Jack Lee.

Strict raw material monitoring
ISO9001 production system certification
Robust quality inspection process

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